Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Gucci advertisement banned in UK – report by Bally Chohan Fashion

The Advertising Standards Authority of the United Kingdom has banned advertisement of Gucci, a world famous Italian fashion brand. The advertisement has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority because of an “unhealthy thin” model being used in the advertisement.  The advertisement first appeared during December in Great Britain. The campaign was named as “The Cruise 2016” campaign.

The model in question is Avery Blanchard. Avery is seen in one of the still of this video as leaning against a wall. She is seen wearing printed dress with long sleeves. The model seems to be of size ZERO.

However the fashion firm Gucci, when contact by Bally Chohan Fashion has defended use of this image. They ascertained that the campaign was aimed at an “older, sophisticated audience”.  Moreover it’s an individual percept whether Blanchard is too thin or not.

Also, the Gucci spokesperson further added that nowhere during the advertisement the bones of model were visible and the makeup used was very light and not heavy at all. The lighting used during the shooting of campaign was very warm thus ensuring no hollow caused by shadows. The clothes were also not revealing at all.

The ASA on the other hand stick to its decision. They argued that the torso and arms of model were quite slender. Her arms looked as if out of proportion with other parts of her body. The makeup as per ASA was quite dark around her eyes.  As per their reading they found leaning of model against wall to be unhealthy. They were of firm belief that the advertisement was irresponsible.

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